Wherever Jesus went, He did good. He wiped the tears of boys and girls, men and women and brought a smile onto their faces. Jesus our Master touched lives and changed the world. Reaching out to the needy is our way of expressing our love in a world full of hatred, self-centredness, and selfishness. We may not have enough to feed every hungry person, but we are ready to share what we have. The ATG Mercy Missions Ministry has been instrumental in restoring destinies through providing scholarships, shelter, medical care, food and clothing. Our Mercy Mission addresses needs regardless of race, religious affiliation or denomination. Freely we have received and freely we give. And for every changed life, we return the glory Jesus Christ. Our choice of location depends on the leading of the Holy Spirit, and as we are direct we follow.


Hansen’s disease or Leprosy is a disease that is associated with the Biblical and Middle ages than with today. For the majority of Kenyans it is a disease that one will most likely read about in a book than encounter face to face. For many in the world Leprosy no longer exists. The earliest recorded cases of leprosy in Kenya go as far back as the years between 1899 and 1922 when Bubonic plague was documented. Is Leprosy in Kenya a thing of the past? No! it is part of our History and continues as part of our miserable present. Msambweni camp is home to over fifty families who suffer from leprosy. Many having been rejected by their relatives and their communities. Leprosy always leaves deep, recurrent wounds, scars, physical disabilities and a permanent social stigma. And just like in the days of old, leprosy patients continue to live as a “rejected people’, ostracized and neglected. It is to Msambweni leprosy camp that the ATG Mercy Mission went to in the month of December 2008, and have continued to pay annual visits to date.


Ikutha is a semi-arid district located in Southern Kitui. Kitui as a county covers an area of 20,402 km2, 34% of which falls under the Tsavo National Park. Ikutha is dry and semi- arid, engulfed with persistent rainfall failures and frequent famines and droughts. The majority of Ikutha farmers cling to maize farming and sadly continue to incur huge crop losses due to weaver birds. The scorching sun dries up the water sources leaving people as well as livestock in a predicament. Ikutha is a relatively new district and lacking tertiary institutions continually produces many youth with no colleges to go to. This trend has translated into a large number of illiterate adults and local Kenyan dailies continue to highlight the plight of the Ikutha residents. The ATG Mercy Mission with the blessing of the Kenyan government made a food security rapid response in Mwangeni location in 2011then proceeded to the main Ikutha town and donated dry food, cereals and clothing. It assisted hundreds of people.


Many Kenyans have been taken captive by alcohol and drug abuse such that this kind of abuse has ceased to be a teenage problem. Research shows that the prevalence of alcohol and drug abuse has expanded so fast that entire communities are under threat. Kenyans cannot afford to be quiet or ignorant about this calamity. Thitani is not different from any other county in rural Kenya. Here, the youth have limited access to formal employment and so result in idling, taking traditional brew and abuse of drugs. Typical of life in a rural county the youth rarely respond to open-air baraza’s convened by the area chief, neither do they give heed to the Church’s plea to attend youth meetings. It is for this reason that ATG’s mercy mission went to Thitani to creating awareness especially among the youth by organizing a bicycle rally which is common among the youth. ATG’s mission was sponsored by NACADA, AIRTEL, MAKINDU MOTORS, Equity bank and Integrated College alongside others. Present were also the nominated area MP, Bishop Robert Mutemi, MP for Mwingi West constituency Bernard Kitungi, the Member of County Assembly, Mwende, deputy county commissioner, over forty chiefs and assistant chiefs of the areas and NACADA officials. The bicycle race was the key strategy to get the youth involved and their participation paved the way for a discussion forum in which ATG Ministers, the government, the Church and NACADA officials shared information with the youth while giving the youth a much needed ear and a chance to ask questions and get correct answers. Apostle Musili also gave out motorbikes, bicycles, gas cylinders and radios among other gifts. This event cost over 2 million Kenya shillings. Apostle Musili had previously donated medicines worth over 500,000 Kenya shillings to Thitani Health Centre when he toured the facility on 23rd January 2012.


We have been living at the mercy of well-wishers since we have nothing to feed on, while we have about 200 children in the camp.” These were the words of Mr. Njenga the chairman of about 500 adult internally displaced persons living in Wamura area of Laikipia in Kenya. This group of people were displaced during the widespread post election violence which took place in Kenya in 2007 and which left between 180,000 and 250,000 people displaced. In a response to a national outcry and a crisis, ATG Mercy Missions visited the IDP camp on 21st November 2009 and donated building material, food stuff and clothes, all worth 600,000 Kenya shillings.


Makindu is a small town along the Nairobi- Mombasa highway located in Makueni County. This settlement was established in the 20th century. It was initially a base for railway construction workers on the Mombasa – Kampala railway construction project. Today Makueni has a population of 884,527 (2009 census) in an area of 8,008.9 km2. Prolonged drought and poverty continue to interfere greatly with the health, well being and general work output of the residents. Severe shortage of food has driven many rural people into the town in search of work and food. Children are sent from deep within the environs to do small businesses. There is also a heavy cross border traffic and so Makindu just like any other highway town along the Mombasa – Nairobi highway has had its share of diseases with HIV/AIDS standing out. The ATG Family held a four - day medical camp during which over 4,000 people received free treatment. This great venture cost over 2 million Kenya shillings. The money was donated by the ATG Family.


Having a close relationship with Jesus Christ is more than seeking miracles. It is primarily about learning to walk in His ways. Kenya as a nation has made great strides in its provision of services but education at all levels continues to be out of reach for many Kenyan children. The dropout rate is still very high among the many families that live below the poverty line. Here at ATG, we receive an overwhelming number of school fees applications every year. In a bid to plough through the myriad of financial support requests and in an attempt to help the most deserving as much as possible, ATG introduced a bursary programme into its Mercy Mission Ministry. Although ATG had previously found itself supporting a child here and a child there, a family here and a family there, it was in 2010 that we developed a structured approach. Since then, many needy children and youth have benefited.