What Exacly Is Deliverance?

Some of the many questions frequently asked about deliverance include what is deliverance. What makes people scream, roll on the ground, shout and hurl insults to the deliverance minister? Why do people manifest strange body movement and behavior? Who speaks through the person being prayed for? Can the person control his/her mind as he/she is being prayed for, or does the person experience a mental blackout? For the sake of those who have such questions, this space shall be used to answer some of the questions on a regular basis. God laments in Hosea 4:6 saying “My people perish for lack of knowledge”.
It is only when you know the truth that the truth sets you free. Help from the LORD is one’s greatest asset here on earth. Many people continue to make decisions in their lives that give Satan lee way into their lives. They do this for lack of knowledge of who Jesus Christ is and the benefits of having a thriving relationship with him. Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God described Himself saying “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life…” So true deliverance begins by a person being taught the Truth. Truth is like light, once it appears, darkness has to flee. The truth is the WORD of God. Remember the Bible says in the book of John. In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with God and the WORD was God…Jesus Christ is the WORD mentioned here.
Knowledge of Jesus Christ removes the wings of ignorance that satan rides on in our lives. You are either free or not free. When you are free, you have been delivered if not you continue living in bondage. The afflictions of a man are many. For instance; mental, physical, emotional, financial and social bondage. For every yoke, a scripture has been written to destroy it, this is why deliverance comes in many forms. Forms of deliverance include Deliverance from (i) doctrine (ii) demonic control and torment – see the story of Legion in Luke (iii) barrenness and stagnation (see 2nd Kings 4:14) (iv) physical or locational deliverance – see how the Israelites left Egypt. And (v) Deliverance from the curse of a name – see the story of Jabez in 1st Chronicles 4: 10. Deliverance is a process through which the Holy Spirit performs and confirms the power of God’s WORD. The spirit realm is the battlefield in which the Holy Spirit carries out the deliverance process. Its effects in the spiritual are seen largely in the physical. The WORD of God comes alive even as devils are cast out, the dead are raised and the sick are healed. (To be continued)

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