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Welcome to Around The Globe Deliverance Ministries - A powerful healing & deliverance ministry in the world today!

Our ministry purpose

“Plundering Hell and Setting Captives Free” is our ministry purpose. Jesus Christ came on earth; a place where people live in misery, enduring pain and endless heartache, and He paid for our freedom, wellbeing and wholeness with His precious blood. Today many households continue to experience severe poverty, sickness and non - achievement. A large number do not know where to turn to for help and they desperately need deliverance. Many people do not understand how matters of the spiritual realm do affect our physical realm. They live in ignorance not knowing that demons can and do enter into a person’s life and cause havoc. Since I started ministry, I have had an urgent need to make deliverance accessible to as many people as possible. We reach out to people through our church branches all over Kenya and in the Eastern African region, through our radio and t.v channels and through books and magazines. We recognize the reality of demonic and spiritual warfare in the lives of believers. Therefore, whatever we do, we endeavour to touch lives and bring tangible change by creating awareness, teaching about deliverance and conducting deliverance so that people can find their freedom through Christ Jesus.


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